Booking rooms

The Lark Restaurant

Type of kitchen:
Author's kitchen
up to 60 people

Breakfasts can be seen in two models, these are sets that guests choose when checking in and can receive them in the room when booking or visit a restaurant and order a full breakfast menu.

The evening service opens for the guests of the a la carte restaurant, where the emphasis is placed on the foundations of Italian specialties to which the sommelier has selected wine pairs for the most accurate discovery of the taste characteristics of each dish. The chef of the restaurant chose the fundamental dishes from the regions of Italy and tried to portray the authenticity of all the taste notes and subtleties of cooking as accurately as possible.

The wine list of the restaurant reads more than 50 varieties and is ready to please all gourmets of the grape world, there is biodynamics, natural wines and organic. At the bar you will be able to enjoy the insightful abilities of our bartender and discover the world of cocktails in a new way, the top list of which consists of unsurpassed hits, as well as author's improvisations, they will definitely cheer up and decorate the evening.

The podium velvet of sofas and armchairs stands out especially against the background of the intimacy of the halls, thereby showing that the evening will be warm and interesting.